Technical support, preventive maintenance and repairing of all kind of GENSETs and I.C.E
We cover the whole range of electrical and mechanical projects in Greece and abroad.
We are specialized in water, wastewater handling
& treatment.
Service Department
High quality services. We provide high technical support to all electromechanical equipment.


145 We are welcome you to our new website! In this section you will find all necessary information about our company and even more about the object of our expertise. We decided to upgrade our communication with our customers by creating a new and useful website. The Meleccon Techniki is a fast growing company, working on electrical & mechanical projects and specialized on wastewater management. Through the website our viewers will find all the necessary information regarding our company and the object of our expertise. We provide a forum for debate and dialogue about the developments and adoptions of new methods and technologies.
Our multidisciplinary team focuses in Experience, Reliability and Support. We are here to offer to our client’s high quality solutions.


18 Experience
Our staffs are experienced qualified engineers with long experience of public and private projects. The Meleccon Techniki has a long experience in designing, installing and maintaining water treatment plants and industrial electromechanical (E/M) projects.

19 Reliability
Our skilled technical staff, follows a continuous education and information. Building and improving our knowledge, expertise, we fulfill our customers' expectations, following high technical standards and full compliance to every projects obligations.

20 Support
One of our strengths is that we invest in high quality services and maintenance. By respecting our customers and knowing their needs, we provide an high standards technical support in all electromechanical and wastewater treatment plan’s equipments.