Compact WasteWater Treatment Plants

The Meleccon Techniki with over 15 years experience in wastewater handling is in privileged position to offer a full range of Compact wastewater treatment plans for 25 up to 1000 people by Aqua Impex.

  • Domestic WWTP up to 35 people (DC)
    DC is used for wastewater treatment of small sources as family houses, cottages, week-end houses, and the like that cannot be connected to municipal sewerage system.
  • EKOL WWTP for 8 to 200 people (small)
    EKOL is used for treatment of waste water from family houses, hotels and motels, companies, production halls, farms etc. WWTP EKOL are designed for daily amount of waste water from 1 to 30 m3/day.
  • Packed WWTP from 35 to 1000 people (BC) (Medium & Large)
    The new seriesvof BC utilizes up-to-date knowledge of the wastewater treatment field and experience of practice got from several year active operation. These treatment plants are intended for treatment of small isolated sources of wastewater as e.g.: satellite small townships, hotels in mountains, camps, motels, service stations, small factories.



  • Island of Paros: Installation of a BC-100 (100 persons) Thapsanon Monastery
  • City of Volos: Instalation of a BC-200 (200 persons) in a Hotel
  • Island of Kythnos:
    • Installation of a BC-100 (100 persons) in Episkopi.
    • Installation of a BC-300 (300 persons) in Chora.