EKOL WWTP for 8 to 200 people

EKOL a small WWTP for 8 to 200 people

Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) of type EKOL are used for treatment of waste water from family houses, hotels and motels, companies, production halls, farms etc. WWTP EKOL are designed for daily amount of waste water from 1 to 30 m3/day. It correspondents usage for 8 - 200 equivalent people.

Technical Description:

WWTP EKOL works as mechanical - biological aerobic purification system. Treatment takes place uniformly in one packaged unit where are


WWTP EKOL works as mechanical - biological aerobic purification system. Treatment takes place uniformly in one packaged unit where are:

  • Primary sedimentation
  • Biological treatment
  • Secondary settling
  1. Primary sedimentation works in double chamber sedimentation space. A part of this space near bottom is reserved for anaerobic stabilisation of the sludge, its thickening and storage. Efficiency of primary settling is about 30 % of BOD5.
  2. Biological treatment works in bio-rotary space. The pre-treated water flow into the space of biological purification, where is used a new progressive method TF/SC. This method uses a combination of different bacteria. One type of bacteria is stick to carrier /bio-rotary/ and second ones bacteria is floating in water. It enables to EKOL plant keep high cleaning efficiency even during hydraulic shocks, or BOD over-loading. Efficiency after biological treatment is about 92 % of BOD5.
  3. Secondary settling space is vertical type. Water flows from biological space (bio-zone) into secondary settling tank. Connection in the bottom ensures recirculation of sludge. Excessive activated sludge is re-pumped by pocket on side of bio-rotary into primary sedimentation. 

Sludge management:

In sedimentation space are stored primary sludge, excessive sludge and sludge water. The sludge water flow back to biological treatment space together with raw water. In EKOL plants is ensured connection among sedimentation space, biological treatment space and secondary settling space. Also it is ensured recirculation of activated sludge and re-pumping of excessive sludge (and his storage).
The outlet channel is equipped by "measuring overflow" for possibility to measure amount of water and to take out samples. On customer request it can equipped by ultrasonic detector + digital discharge equipment.

The technological and operational parts of the EKOL plant fulfils demands of the Czech standard ČSN 756402 (The small waste treatment plants) and with bigger sedimentation tank fulfils also Austrian standard ÖN B 2502 and German standard DIN 4261.

  • low weight
  • small dimensions
  • 100% waterproof
  • long lifetime
  • easy maintenance

Q = 150 l / person / day
BOD5 = 60 g /person / day

173 Note: above tank is cover of bio-rotary = + 200 mm.

Output Values on outlet  

  • BOD5 = 25 mg/l
  • COD = 30 mg/l
  • Suspended Solids = 90 mg/l
  • NH4-N= 10 mg/l

We guarantee these values on effluent under condition, that influent concentrations are max. BOD5 = 400 mg/l and COD = 800 mg/l.