Oil Separators

Oil separators of type ORES are designed for catching and separation of free oil (and petroleum) substances coming from polluted waste water. The separators are designed in accordance with the Czech Rep. standards ČSN - Protection of water against oil substances).

They can be divided into groups, according to way of settling and assembly, discharge, drainage area, and efficiency.

  • ORES 2 B - settling under roads, and under parking places: - it is necessary to settle oil separator on foundation desk and concrete walls around. After hardening of concrete, cover oil separator by reinforced concrete panels. The settling depth is in accordance with inlet (shallow or deep).
  • ORES - for settling under green area: - with removable cover (in whole ground). The cover can be from wood boards, or from corrugated steel, or from plastic. Inside cover must be entrances + lids 600 x 600 mm, max. height of lid extension is 300 mm.
  • Basic type: ORES 2 S = sedimentation chamber + coalescence filter + fibroil filter = NEL max. 4 mg/l
  • Type with one sorbent filter: ORES 2 SF = sedimentation chamber + coalescent filter + fibroil filter + sorbent filter = NEL max. 0,5 mg /l
  • Type with two sorbent filters: ORES 2 S2F – sedimentation chamber + coalescent filter + fibroil filter + two sorbent filters = NEL max. 0,2mg /l
  • Type for big discharge: ORES VP - NEL 5mg/l
  • Type for big discharge + sorbent filter: ORES VPS - NEL max. 0,2 mg /l