Pacted WWTP from 35 up to 1000 people BC

Pacted WasteWater Treatment Plant up to 1000 people (BC)

Packed series is another type of wastewater treatment plants. New series utilises up-to-date knowledge of the wastewater treatment field and experience of practice got from several year active operation. These treatment plants are intended for treatment of small isolated sources of wastewater as e.g.: satellite small townships, hotels in mountains, camps, motels, service stations, small factories.
Packed wastewater treatment plants (BC) are offered in capacities of 35, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 to 450 Population Equivalent(PE). The capacity of a treatment plants can be modified by requirements. Treatment plants of higher capacity can be supplied for big sources of wastewater.

Description of design

The bioreactor is a vessel partitioned into several interdependent zones hydraulically interconnected. These zones include mechanical debris collection, sand traps, denitrification, nitrification and final sedimentation zones.

Wastewater is first screened to remove larger mechanical impurities by means of debris traps for small plants and by screens mechanically or manually cleaned for bigger plants. Then mechanically screened wastewater enters a denitrification zone where, when mixed with return activated sludge, the first treating processes in wastewater start. Then wastewater under treatment with return activated sludge flows on to nitrification zone - aerated. Other treating processes continue to remove contaminating materials from wastewater. Clear water is separated from activated sludge in the final sedimentation zone. Water flows out and sludge returns back to the system.

Wastewater treatment plants up to 300 PE capacities are supplied as factory-manufactured products - plastic or rust-resistant steel tanks with built-in technology, those of greater capacities are supplied as plant constructions with the technology to be installed. On reconstructing wastewater treatment plants the existing tanks are reused and the plant auxiliary facilities are modernised, if need be. On treating industrial wastewater an aeration tank project is tailored to a size required and a degree of chemical pre-treatment is proposed and designed, if need be (wastewater of textile industry).

Wastewater Input (for 100 people):

Avg. Daily Flow: Q24 = 20,0 m3 ημερησίως (200 l/άτομο/ημέρα)
Max. Daily Flow: Qd max = 5,0 m3/ημερησίως
                              Qh max = 4,0 m3/ώρα
                              Qmin    = 1,0 m3/ημερησίως
BOD5     =   60 g/pers/day    1,5 kg/d    300 mg/l
COD       = 120 g/pers/day    3,0 kg/d    600 mg/l
SS         =   55 g/pers/day   1,5 kg/d    275 mg/l
NTOTAL  =  11 g/pers/day     0,3 kg/d     55 mg/l
PTOTAL  =  3 g/pers/day      0,08 kg/d

Total results of the procedure:
Sludge (annually):  Pt <3 m3  (concision 3-4% solids)


  • BOD5   20 –  25 mg/l
  • COD     60 – 100 mg/l
  • SS       25 –  30 mg/l

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The system's operation is fully automatic and the maintenance of the system is quite simple. A trained person has to be involved, 1 to 4 hours per week, to ensure the system's continuing treatment efficiency.  The person will be trained by our company according to the manufacture's guidelines.

Bioreactor ΒC contains:

  • Plastic tanks
  • Sludge Plastic tanks
  • Blower with noice insulation
  • Diffuser Aeration system with thin and fat bubble
  • Pumps for sludge recirculation
  • Switchboard