Pumping Stations

The rainwater and sewage are being accumulated in the pumping plants.
The design, construction and lifetime of a pump station should be a 40 year period of time. The selection of the electromechanical equipment (Pumps, motors, mixers) should be a 25 period of time.

The principles behind the design and the selection of the electrical equipment based on:

  • The required Q max flow.The need of uniformity in the types of the pumping stations.
  • The need of  back up systems.
  • Achieving the lowest possible cost of construction and operation of the pumping station.
  • The degree of safety in operation of facilities. Even short-term failure and disruption of the operation of the pumping stations can bring serious and unwanted glitches.


 We are here to inform and offer you the latest technologies on the design, maintenance and control of pumping stations. 

  • The selection of the equipment based on the performing charts.
  • Monitoring and control of the pumping station (Control units, operating parameters, sensors, and alarms)
  • Preventive maintenance of pumps