Who we are

To be top of mind partner, by offering the best engineering solution in any organization

Meleccon Techniki, with a strong presence in the Greek market, is active in the entire range of electromechanical installations, biological management and wastewater treatment, as well as pumping of liquids.

The company is staffed by specialized personnel, has at its disposal the most modern equipment and the expertise that is needed, so that it has the ability to provide its customers with holistic solutions and applications. Technical advice on the design, construction and maintenance of technical projects is provided by applying

the full range of new technologies related to energy and the environment. With experience, professionalism, reliability, and responsibility, MELECCON TECHNIKI is a pioneer in its field. It provides high standard services, focuses on personalized solutions and invests in the development of mutual trust relationships.

ISO Certifications

The company has grown to become a cornerstone, consistent with its corporate responsibilities. For this reason, it obtained ISO management certificates in 2017. It continually improves its effectiveness by establishing a well-documented policy in its processes, in order to meet its customers’ demands.

All partners

In collaboration with the industry leaders we always offer you a high quality result with the guarantee of Meleccon. See the list of our strategic partners below.

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We create an engaging environment that encourages loyalty and long-term commitment by targeting satisfied employees, customers and suppliers.

Our values

Flexibility and competitiveness are our daily goals.


We work consistently and professionally using the most reliable equipment.



With our long experience and expertise, we provide complete solutions.



We recommend methods and applications that increase efficiency.



We offer high standards of technical support and flexible solutions.

Contact Details

Contact us in one of the following ways to find out exactly what you need from us.

  • info@meleccon.gr | support@meleccon.gr
  • (+30) 210 27 90 438
  • (+30) 210 27 90 719 (FAX)
  • Omorfoklissias 4A & Olympias, Nea Ionia 14233