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MELECCON TEXNIKH covers a wide range of products and services by providing comprehensive solutions in the field of electromechanical equipment.

It is one of the most organized maintenance companies of H / M installations, specializing in the maintenance and repair of submersible pumps & agitators, in CHP & CHP generating sets and CHP CHPs.

With years of experience, credibility and professional responsibility, it is able to provide its customers with:

Holistic solutions and high-standard services in the field of E / M installations.
It focuses on specialized solutions, fully satisfying customer needs.
It invests in developing long-lasting relationships of mutual trust
MELECCON TEΧΝΙΚΗ combines knowledge with the quality of the products offered by offering its customers the most appropriate financial and technical solution for each problem individually.

Main Activity Areas


Generation Pairs-internal combustion engines

Technical support, preventive maintenance and repair of all types of Generation Pairs and internal combustion enginesRead More »


Design / Construction of large and small electromechanical projects in all types of buildings.Read More »


We specialize in wastewater management and treatment.Read More »

Maintenance department

Upgrading / Expansion / Maintenance of projects from the well-equipped and privately-owned service department.Read More »


With years of experience in the execution of Public and Private Projects, Meleccon Techniki takes care to carry out every project with dedication to meeting the needs of the customer.


Meleccon Techniki takes great care to develop long-lasting relationships of trust with its customers by investing in the credibility of its signature in every project.


Respecting your needs, we provide holistic solutions and high-standard services across the range of electromechanical plant management and fluid processing.

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You will not be waiting in a long call center menu when you call us. Your email will not reach the end of the inbox where you will never see it. At Meleccon Techniki, we provide excellent support, as we would like to experience it yourself.

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